2 thoughts on “Snowboarder Alert!

  1. So, it began like this. The snow began to fall. And then it fell so heavily that the sun disappeared under a blanket of a trillion flakes. The sky itself looked like it was falling. People looked upwards, wondering what had befell the world. But there was no answer, only more snow. Scattered bands of skiers and snowboarders huddled around sputtering fires, telling tales of the ancients, tales that foretold of such a snowy world. All the while, the snow kept falling. As whole buildings were swallowed and parked cars became just another buried afterthought in the expressionless expanse of white, the people began timidly clicking into their bindings, peering out into the new world, a world wrought from the deepest accumulations ever before seen. They turned their skis and boards toward the white abyss… and shredded the raddest, lightest, deepest, and most endless powder in recent memory… welcome to SNOWMAGEDDON!

    55″ storm total, 30″ in 24 hrs. Holy smokes, that’s alot of snow!

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